Senior FDI Strategy & Sustainability Advisor, Managing Director – Impact Zones

  • With a background in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and special economic zone (SEZ) advisory, Zoë Harries, offers combined FDI and sustainability advisory, supporting companies and special economic zones to develop commercial strategies and scale sustainable supply chains. Impact Zones supports governments and special economic zones to enhance their location’s competitiveness in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Zoë works with a global network of consultants.
  • Zoë’s mission is to mobilize governments, the private sector and multilateral organizations to make a global economic, social and environmental impact. She provides leadership programs raising awareness on the SDGs and how to achieve them, inspiring governments and the business community to join her on this mission.
  • Zoë shares her expertise in trade and investment and sustainable economic development at conferences and with clients and partners such as AIM, Nyenrode Business University, FEMOZA, WAIPA, AmCham Jordan, The World Bank, Regional Cooperation Council, USAID/DAI, AIM, World FZO, Impact Investment Summit Europe, Jordan Investment Commission, Kazakh Invest, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Parks Authority. Born in South Africa and based in Amsterdam, Zoë holds a BSc. in International Business Administration and Economics, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.